Year of the Woman

Year of the Woman – 2016-present

This is an ever-evolving collection of pieces focused on women’s issues still faced in our current times from all across the globe.  These pieces are a labor of love, different from any other work that I have done.  While it started in 2016 as a project for that year, it has started to evolve into a longer project, given the political climate and needs of women worldwide.


Mixed media assemblage – wood, sticks, stones, fabric, yarn, acrylic paint, metal, embossing powders

#proudtobleed, feminism, assemblage, mixed media, art, shadow box

12 close up 1 12 close up 2


mixed media assemblage: wood box, sticks, stones, acrylic paints, inks, vintage papers, map, metal

mixed media, shadow box, assemblage, stoning, stoning in 2015, afghanistan, feminism, art

stoning, november 2015 stoning, afghanistan, feminism, feminist, kabul stones, stoning, blood, stoning 2015, afghanistan, feminist, feminism,

superwoman: aka The Kragel

Mixed Media Assemblage: Wood, acrylic paint, sticks, stones, adhesive, vintage paper, ink, wire

mixed media, assemblage, work life balance, kragel, superwoman, glue

wlb close up